Friday, August 31, 2007

Save the Arcade Ralley...a Gloomy Noon on CH Square

Freinds to Save the Arcade held this information rally on Court House Square this past Thurday. The "Dayton Gloom" also atteneded, but no rain.

They stretched this banner across the Arcade entrance:

The activity was on the square, though, with a tent (loaned from the County), PA system, and MC being Betty Rogge, who is/was a local TV personality. She is in the pink sweater, to the right, interviewing Leon Bey, one of the organizers of FSA

The entertainment was this bagpipe player. I really appreciated this as I am a celtic music fan and really like the pipes. What could be cool, in the future, is to have him lead a Save the Arcade march around the Arcade buildings.
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