Friday, February 15, 2008

Places to Go_Things to See

The past few years are seeing some interesting things happening with arts of various sorts, beyond the mainstream Grandes Artes of Opera/Symphony/Ballet. Some selected things going down (by no means the only things) this and next weekend:

Dayton Live Art Network

One of the most suprising thing to surface in Dayton is performance art. There's been an annual performance art event for the past two years (last year it was at the Gym Club and had a guest performance artist from the UK).
Dayton Live Art Network is the presenter, and this years event is at the Victorian Baum Opera House in Miamiburg:

So head on out to the 'Burg for something pretty rare outside of larger art centers. The location is 15 S First, Date is tomorrow, 16 February, Doors open @ 6:30 and time is 7-9:30 PM. Tickets $10.00 in advance (at Pacchia coffehouse) or $15.00 at the door.

Encore Theatre

Next weekend Encore Theatre Company, who put on those cabarets at Gregorys Piano Bar, is doing a musical about the theft of the Stone of Scone, in the Mathle Theatre @ the Shuster. This is "Jacobs Pillow" (not to be confused with the dance event in New England), with this Dayton show being the US premier (the musical is from the UK). Encore is a hoot; I saw their version of Chess last year and really enjoyed it.

Rhythm in Shoes

Dayton has great dance things happeneing. Most citys have the ballet. Dayton goes beyond that. This city supports an excellent ballet company, but aslo DCDC and Rhythm and Shoes. This weekend, Feb 16 Saturday, at the Victoria, RiS has their winter concert. From the website:

The program will include new works including “Playground,” with choreography by Sharon Leahy, as well as an expansion of Gina Burgei’s “…so below,” which was first unveiled in February of 2007.

Leahy will also be reprising a work entitled “Streets of the Capitol” which was commissioned fifteen years ago by Jacob’s Pillow, the Flynn Theater and Cityfolk. “Streets” looks at the effects of civil war on a community. It was first created during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina but is no less relevant or powerful today.

Two other pieces on the program are “In a Minute,” from the 1999 Rhythm in Shoes collaboration with Crosspulse, and “Greatest Hits,” a live cartoon dance extravaganza to a musical crazy quilt of American traditional and popular tunes.

Dublin Pub

Next weekend DubPub is having the well-known NYC-based celtic rock band Seven Nations, with local band Father Son & Freinds as opener. Yer humble host is a fan of celtic and UK folk and folk rock, so this might be on the agenda (though the DubPub is really tight space for name acts like this)

C2 Gallery

The Front Street space is hosting a group show next weekend: The Four Horsemen. Now that Goloka is relocating to the Oregon C2 will be the only Front Street exhibition space

Local Live & Original Music

For indy/alternative rock the Oregon Express continues to satisfy. Saturday is their indy night, and SW-Ohio based Northwest Ordinance is having their CD release party this Saturday. You've just gotta love this bands name, history meets geography. Musically: garage/punk. Note that the excellent Lions Rampant are coming up from Cincy to help out.
And tonight a free show at Front Street (10 PM, Door E, BYOB), Deth to Valentines Day, sponsored by Dethfits clothing line.

...and a note to check out The Bhudda Den and Dayton Shows

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for more info on local music, which is one of the strong suites of this town.

If you're not going out to listen to live orginal music by local artists you are missing out, so go!

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