Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dayton Dirt Collective's New Space

Based on reading their Myspace Music page, the new space will be this vacant storefront between Bingers and Exotic Fantasies. They apper to be trying to open for shows starting in May.

(great potential lofts or arts studios upstairs, huh?)

They are also looking to get a website up (at this time it's just a splash page)

Here is some imagery from their myspace page. As one can see on the right, they have been running benefit shows for their new space since February, at least. I have to say I'm impressed with these folks: a lot of action to make something happen.
The idea or inspiration are various other all-ages spaces for music & art, sort of third places for the punk community. 924 Gilman Street is the most famous (though its conection w. Maximum Rock'n'Roll) but the DDC Myspace page lists others as an inpsiration, like the Charm City Art Space in Baltimore, or Art Damage Lodge in Cincy.

You've got to be impressed the way these folks are stepping out to make this happen.

Another Approach to an Arts Space

Another example would be ABC No Rio, though without the activist side. (ABC No Rio sounds right up my alley...check out this statement:

We seek to facilitate cross-pollination between artists and activists. ABC No Rio is a place where people share resources and ideas to impact society, culture, and community. We believe that art and activism should be for everyone, not just the professionals, experts, and cognoscenti. Our dream is a cadres of actively aware artists and artfully aware activists.

Their Lower East Side Biography Project sounds pretty cool.

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Anonymous said...

I prefer this DDC to the Dayton Development Coalition DDC