Sunday, April 20, 2008

Daytonology Blog Changes

New to the Blogroll

Dayton Politics Blog. Good old fashioned political blogging…lots of muckraking and roasting, probably GOP, but maybe just-anti incumbent. One can appreciated the sour, acerbic style as a true voice of the genus loci.

Dayton Most Metro Forum: The premier online place in Dayton for non-political urban affairs discussion, with a forum getting substantial contributions by folks active in the arts/gentrification/urban living/creative class scene.

Posting Schedule:

New blog posts will be made on Friday and Saturday nights (usually later), and Sunday mornings. Surf in here on Sunday night and one will find new content, if there is any.

Blog Comments

Commenting is closed. If anyone feels a need to comment go to DaytonOS. Everything on this blog is reposted at DaytonOS (linked at blogroll), and they have a comments feature (here is a screen shot on how to find it, "Dayton Blog Feeds").

Blog Content

Lengthy, image-intensive historical/geographical “analyses” posts are being dropped. These will be posted at Urban Ohio (linked at the blogroll). Posts on local the music scene are also being dropped as this are covered better elsewhere, particularly at the “Dayton Shows” and “Bhudda Den” (links over at the blogroll).