Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rock Show on Brown

Yer humble host doesn't come here much, but an opportunity to hear some new (to me) bands...funky Daytonesque Cornerstone Tavern, the last of the old Wyoming and Brown business corner. Sort of amazing that Miami Valley Hospital hasn't gobbled this up yet....
...the next two pix was not the headliner. The band is the Judy Blooms. Their myspace page says "Brooklyn", but they have some sort of Dayton connection. I have to say their closing song was their best tonight.

The main event was Andrew and the Pretty Punchers (their CD release party), and frankly since this was such a late show and in a very crowded venue, no pix and I didn't stay to hear much of them, so can't give a fair reading the band live.

Based on their CD, though, they are really interesting.

So far tracks 6 and 7 are my favorites (great chorus on 6), 3 has a catchy hook, and I don't like 2 (too plunky). A bit jarring was the leads' Englishy' accent on some of the songs (yet it 'works'). Repeat listens brings more out and one starts to really appreciate how tight & polished this effort is.

Bands like tonight and CDs like ths makes you realize you're missing nothing by avoiding corporate rock radio and sticking to local stuff. There is very solid music coming from this region, probably enough, if you add Cincy, Cols, Indy, Lex & Louisivlle, to actually program a rock or mix station using regional artists.

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