Thursday, May 14, 2009

Defense Earmarking for The Dayton Region

The posts on the Defense Welfare State just touched on earmarking. Considering the billion-dollar impact of the defense budget earmakring is really not that much of a big deal. But it's still interesting as a demonstration of areas of interest to local movers and shakers and the Congressional delegation.

The interesting thing is how the Dayton Development Coalition develops an earmark request that is around $500M, with most of it for non-defense programs and projects, yet the actual earmarks are nearly totally directed at defense spending.

Who's earmarking? Mike Turner, Sherrod Brown, and George Voinovich. Dave Hobson used be here, but his first-term replacement is running scared from the "GOP base" so is holding off, at least for now.

Whats notable is that one can see various combinations of earmarking, but also that Turner added two earmarks that was not on the DDC list, for Radiance Technologies to work on "Open Source Research Centers" and ATK Aerospace Structures to work "Rapid Automated Processing of Advanced Low Observables"

A substantial about was requested for new facilities, but was already included in Obama's defense budget.

A full list of defense earmarks and the defense contractor beneficiary:
The ulitmate beneficiary of advanced military technology is, of course, national security since this work ensure US technological superiority.

Incidentally the source for the data was the Dayton Daily News, which maintains a full list of the Dayton Development Coaltion and Mike Turner earmarks for 2009, inlcuding links to descriptions of the programs.

Local Reps Earmarks


Dayton Development Coalition Earmarks

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