Saturday, July 14, 2007

Appalachian Festival or drive to Cincinnati?

A sunny Saturday. What do do? Today is the Appalachian Festival in the icky but architecturally interesting Twin Towers neighborhood, which is always fun to visit to people watch. Yet there really isn't much to do there, except listen to some bluegrass music, if they have a band this year. This could be a good urban/neighborhood festival, but leave it to Dayton people to not see what could be done. What IS it with the people here to never get it right? To never really support things that could be cool?

Shopping has to be done, so perhaps an execuse for a road trip to Cincinnati, to Findlay Market. Food selection is good and cheap, though, and I like that gritty old built-up feeling of Over-The-Rhine. One always feels one is in a true city when one is in Cincinnati, just by the physical form of the place.

Or maybe just skip the slumming and head on over to Cub Foods or the incomparabe Dorothy Lane Market.

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