Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Drive

Though I post on Dayton City a lot I really live in south suburban Washington Township, so Sunday drives out into the country are a pretty easy thing. It's also a good way to measure the suburban growth out here, taking rides out US 48 or Springboro Pike and the backroads to see how suburbia is creeping out into the countryside.

This time was more out US 48. Lots more signs and platting activity than in the past, though I think it will be a few years yet before we see the kind of intense development activity to kick in like along Springboro Pike south of Metlife. This area is taking awhile to really catch on.

One of the things I'm just now realizing is that the landcape here sort of masks the growth, as there are a lot of woodlots and treelines that hide subdivisions. You can't see too far before your line of site is stopped by a teeline.

And the landscape here is sort of flat and bland. I think 48 follows the watershed divide between the Great and Little Miamis so its not that hilly, sort of this flat country. The closer you get to either rivers or their tributaries like Clear Creek or Holes Creek and so forth, the more rolling the land gets.

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