Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dayton gets in touch with its hipper side.

Masquerage ranks right up there with the Reggae Festival as the Dayton event where I ask myself "who are these people and where do they come from?"

Some very brief preliminary pix from me. Venue was deliciously rustbelt: "The Fabulous Ruins of Dayton" (that are still standing). Fabulous describes the entertainment, catering, and, of course, the people and costumes.

Interesting crowd mix, no? OK boys and girls, can you say "diverse"? Good, I thought you could.

For an excellent documentation the Dayton Daily News photog did a great job of playing paparazzi

Check out his set.

Some of these people look like they could be from a party in Hollywood or Manhattan...but maybe that was the idea, as the theme was "1970's" (meaning glam, Studio 54, and things like "the downtown scene"...but maybe that was more '80s?).

Anyway. Something different. It would be great if Dayton actually had a nightclub like this (I guess that was the Foundry?), or better yet, travelling club nights in empty warehouses and factorys...something like this but maybe smaller?

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