Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trad Music Jam Sessions: Quintessentially Dayton.

I almost never go out on work nights. I made an exception this Wednsday to check out a jam session at the Trolley Stop. It starts at 9 PM.

I was glad I went.
This is sponsored by members in the band from Rhythm in Shoes. One had the expected instruments. Mandolins, fiddles, banjos, a dobro, and even a guy playing bass:
...playing and jamming on the various old string band tunes, fiddle tunes, breakdowns, jigs, etc. from the traditional American repetoire, tunes in the public domain.
I just love this stuff.

But that's not all. While at the music fest, I saw a sign at the OE for a bluegrass jam session. It turns out some guys from Cincy and Dayton got together a pick-up bluegrass band and jam over at the OE on Wednsdays for just this month. Go see them as they are quite good...."That Bluegrass Band:"
Bluegrass jams and trad jams are sort of a Dayton thing. This has been happening around town for years, in places as unlikley as doughnut shops in Moraine and pool halls in Fairborn. There also used to be an open mike/acoustic thing at Canal Street, the Muscians Co-Op (great name), but that has went defunct.

So its good to see that some of this impromptu trad/acoustic music is still happening in town.

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