Sunday, December 16, 2007

"I'm Gonna Wave my Freak Flag High"

I couldn't help but be reminded of that line from "If 6 was 9" when I saw this great portrait of was one of the student works on display, as part of a silent auction at the Stivers benefit at Goloka Gallery (which extended beyond the gallery space to take up a lot of the first floor of the old envelope factory at Front Street). The work was entitled "Hey Joe", and it had a bid. I should have upped it. Oh well.

There was more things to bid on...lots of student work:
Fairly well attended. This did get a media mention (most events here are fairly low-profile).
There was also quite a bit of performance here. Mostly students doing things, but aslo some local bands and, from Chicago (duh), the Chicago Afro-Beat Project.
Front Street is always so atmospheric. Another one of those sites that needs to be landmarked, but isn't.

For more on the event click here for a quick walk-through, including some pix of of two very out-there peices from Robert Shifflers collection. Bob Shiffler is an avant garde art collector. Who knew?

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