Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stivers Fundraiser Friday and Saturday.

Lets have a bake sale for the arts!

Well, sort of. Goloka Gallery over in the Front Street lofts is having a benefit this weekend for Stivers High School since their funding was given an deep cut. Here is the flyer:
It's happening on two days: Friday and Saturday. Given the level of events and some of the guests (including the Chicago Afrobeat Project, which is a suprise) this will probably be pretty crowded. Unfortunalty there is no schedule one can't tell who or what will be on when.

The times are 6 PM to 3 AM. That is pretty late, or early.

Entry is $5, and there will be a silent auction. Food will be provided.


I was thinking about this a bit this past weekend while in Louisville. My nephew attends one of these magnet schools, but for maths and science. He lives out in some affluent suburb east of the city but the school is in a black ghetto. The reason this works is that this magnet school is for the entire county, as Louisville has one countywide school district. And the school district makes sure its a good school, which attracts the children of affluent professionals like my brother-in-law and sister.

Louisville has magnet schools for the arts, too. The high school, very similar to Stivers, is adjacent to the University of Louisville campus, so the school can share facilities and programs with UofL if they want to. There are also "traditional schools", which are also countywide magnet schools.

This could never happen in Dayton as the suburbs would never share schools or partner with the Dayton school district. Each suburb seems to have one high school and that is it. No magnet schools or schools for the arts, sciences, etc, for the suburbs.

But so what. Maybe the suburban schools in the Dayton area are just so damn good that they don't need special magnet schools.

Anyway, just another rant.

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