Thursday, March 13, 2008

Greenmont's Neighborhood Tavern

Consdering the political history of the place, what else but...

You just got to love the ironical coincidence of that name....of course it has to be Lefty's!


ohdave said...

Jeff, you are amazing.

Thanks for the fascinating history of Greenmont. I had a girlfriend once who lived there and I was fascinated by the pillbox houses and the overall plan.

Are you familiar with the Chataqua community in Miamisburg, right along the river?

Also, please consider adding me to your blogroll.

Jefferey said...

Yes I've driven through there. Chataqua It is one of a number of little river rat communities up and down the river. I think they started out as resorts or small summer homes but then became year round.

I did at the link to the blogroll.

As for Greenmont, I seem to be doing a little "People's History of Dayton" in installments.