Thursday, June 12, 2008

Daytonology Bizzaro World

Yeah, I know, most of you already think this blog is bizzaro world since it's so out of touch with the local zeitgeist, genus loci, whatever.....

..this is a bit different. Some of you might recall those old Superman comics where they used to do everything in reverse, or sort of an alternative universe, called 'bizzaro world'.

For the future a bit yer humble host will explore an urban bizzaro world, a healthy and growing urban area vs Dayton's sick and declining one. And this urban bizzaro world will be Sacramento. A place as unlike Dayton as possible while still staying in the US.

But we will go abroad every so often to visit Eurosprawl. A series of occasional posts inspired by Paul Krugmans recent column about his trip to Germany will explore suburbia in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main region.

If you really, really must have Dayton content....

<----the blogroll awaits.

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