Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Moraine Assembly

Moraine Assemblies' announced closure is yet another opportunity for some vicious schadenfreude and dark sarcasm at the DDN comments section. Yet some good people are speaking out , too , calling out the haters and offering empathy for the soon-to-be unemployed.

I don't know what annoys me more, the glee and sastisfaction in seeing people lose their jobs, or using this as an opportunity for political and ideological axe-grinding, both from a certain type of bitter conservatism one often see's here, and from a left POV that is a bit rarer in online discourse.

The inevetible union bashing is pretty inane given the history of the plant. The place probably had a 20-25 year life extension due to union agreements to a multi-tiered wage scale and flexible job assignements as part of the deal to get GM to retool the old fridge plant to make vehicles. Of course this history means not a thing to soreheads blinded by right wing ideology.

So, now the long rung of Morain is over the plant will stand empty. Probably less to do with unions and more to do with overall declining market share. Note that GM is not considering re-tooling to non SUV or truck production here or at the other places, so this is a cut in excess capacity since they apparently dont expect improve market share with new products, or not enough to warrant these plants to stay open.

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