Saturday, July 26, 2008

High Impact/High Growth Business in Dayton

The DBJ has a great little article on some good economic news:

Dayton a Hotbed for High Growth Firms.

...which is a report on a Small Businesss Administration study on "high impact" firms. These are firms whos sales have doubled and also had a steady growth in payroll.

These are not necessarily start-ups (average age of a firm is 25 years old), and the firms can be any size. Apparently most of the firms in the SBA sudy are smaller, just because there are more smaller business.

Here is the SBA blurb on the study:

"According to a study, High-Impact Firms: Gazelles Revisited, “high-impact” firms create America’s new jobs and growth. Distributed across all industries, high-impact firms account for almost all employment and revenue growth in the economy, the study concludes."

For a link to the SBA page and the articles click here:

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