Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two Blogroll Adds

Two blog adds. One is local the other not. You can find them over at the blogroll to the left:

Tellhistory's Weblog

This is a nice little blog hosted by I think a history professor at WSU specializing in oral history . Since I am a big history buff (but without any academic backround) I really enjoy this site, especially the oral history/public history aspect of it.

There also seems to be an interest with Prince Edward Island up in Canada

The Urbanophile

This is one of the first non-Dayton adds as I try to link to some regional and generalist urban affairs/spatial practice blogs

The Urbanophile has a focus on Indianpolis and Indiana, with specialization in highways & transit issues. But the blog branches out a bit to cover urban affairs in general and in other citys within the region and beyond, and recently posted some things on globalization.

So far no culls yet. I will do a run through the blogroll to see if any of the linked blogs have become stale and do a cull this weekend.

Also, commenting is on moderation as it helps me cut down on spam and off-topic posts.

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The Urbanophile said...

Thanks for the plug. As I've said before, your own blog is first rate work - one of the best city blogs on the web.