Monday, September 22, 2008

The First of Fall

Autumn Equinox, the first of Fall. the trees are not changing yet. It's still summer out with the heat and humidity. But you can feel it. You can sense the change coming, the trees just about to turn, the summer overstaying its welcome and dragging out a bit, the last days before some serious cold snaps.

Daytonlogy will be featuring a Fall Almanac, inspired a bit by tracking the change in seasons, from Summer to Winter, but also a bit by that Almanac that used to be published in the Yellow Springs News (though yer humble host won't be that good in providing seasonal things).

One thing the Almanac will provide is a weekly picture every week, from the same location, to track the change in season as the leaves turn and fall. Not sure of the location yet, thinking either Woodland Cemetery or Grant Park, or maybe even this one overlooking Southern Hills


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jeff. Another prime location for watching the leaves turn is the overlook on Wright Brothers Hill.

IronWolf said...

I sure do miss Dayton in Autumn, with all the trees changing color, its my favorite time of year and brings back some great memories.