Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sugarcreek Mosque Update

Back in January there was a controversy over a proposed mosque in Sugarcreek township (Greene County). The DDN reported on this, and yer humble host added his two cents here, opining on the apparent religous prejudice shown by members of a local Southern Baptist congregation in organizing opposition to the mosque, as an indicator of a certain xenophobia in this region.

There was also an apparently legitimate planning and zoning issue that got wrapped up into the controversy.

Over the course of the summer the DDN was doing a pretty good job following the issue, including a lawsuit by the Islamic Center, then a compromise solution for a smaller mosque. Oppostion dropped to generic NIMBY stuff, apparently not organized by churchgoers.

It seems that this compromise was accepted by the zoning board this past week. So a positive solution to a situation that could have gone sour.

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