Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PosterTastic + Dayton Music Fest (Saturday)

A Saturday night in the October city.

Yer humble host is a fan of scene epherma, things like posters and flyers announcing events and shows. This goes back years and is part of the American scene, with a longtime (since the 1970s) printer of this in Nashville, Hatch Show Print, being a national landmark.
A lot of this is happening online nowadays, but hard copy still can be found. And you can catch a sampling of Dayton's best at PosterTastic!, at the Derailed hair salon in the Oregon. Hosted by GladGirl, (follow the link for more detail) it will feature musical guest Drexel.

That very same evening is the Dayton Music Fest. This is the third (or is it fourth?) year, with the festival reaching a sort of stability. Seven venues with a $10 blanket cover, so not a bad deal. There's been some critique at the DDN music blog on the festival being limited to indy/alternative rock of various types, and thats fair, but it is what it is (and the promoters are starting to do a bluegrass festival, too, so are branching out).

Follow the above hyperlink to the festival website to plan your evening (& it does require coordination) The big deal this fest will be Robert Pollard of GBV fame and his new band, Boston Spaceships, at Gillys. Boston Spaceships' first release apparently got a very good review from UK music mag Mojo.

So, go see one thing Dayton does good, out of porportion to a city of it's size and rank: original music and live music.

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