Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Re-Use Study and Downtown

The ten re-use study buildings, how do they fit into downtown trends?

One can assume that that the selection of these particular buildings was not random. They are all of certain types so good demonstration designs, but maybe their distribution is worth looking at.

Laying the study subjects into downtown again, then noting some other features in building types and use:
...and then stripping away the base map to note if there is a pattern. And there seemst to be.

The study subjects are strung out along the St Clair/Jefferson corridor, connecting downtown with the entry to the Oregon district.

A second group is located in the "heart of downtown", the cluster of banks, newer skyscrapers ("Class A" office space), and arts venues clustered around 2nd and Main, running along 2nd towards the courts. These two areas also contain most of the mainstream nightlife downtown; live music and dance venues.

Only one building, 25 South Main, doesn't fit in this north of Main/east of 3rd pattern. It does fit in with the Shiffler properties and a possible adaptive re-use of the vacant Arcade and Dayton Daily News complexes.

So, on can see how these proposals would contribute to the active parts of downtown (2nd and Main) areas that are becoming more interesting (like the Jefferson/St Clair corridor), and potential re-use projects (Arcade/DDN).


Anonymous said...

The 25 S. Main St. building used to have a ground floor entrance in the Arcade as well as on Main St., making it a great retail space when that section of Main St. had heavy pedestrian traffic. The building is also architecturally significant as an example of the narrow "skyscraper" commercial style buildings popular in the early 20th century. I believe its also known as the Lindsey Building.

Jefferey said...

Correct, it was the Lindsey Building. It was built in 1915. The oldest skyscrapr downtown is one of the Riebold Building wings, from 1896

I didn't know about the ground floor entrance to the Arcade, which would be interesting. Was this from the elevator lobby or the the retail space?