Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dayton (Political) Money Maps

The Huffington Post has really amped-up the Fundrace money maps.

In 2004 these where limited to mapping out contributions in the largest cities. This year the money maps are for the entire nation, running on top of Google Maps. You can actually zoom in to a metro area or even individual streets and blocks.

As an example of looking at the geographic distribution of contributions, a screen shot of a zoom into the south and east suburbs of Dayton for contributions by party (for 2008):

...and a map showing contributions for Clinton, McCain, and Obama:

What's noticeable is that large contributions go to both Obama and Clinton as well as McCain. Mapping this out to include the other GOP candidates might be more interesting, because early money was going more to Romney, it seemed (from a cursory look at other databases. Funrace also has a search/database feature).

Another noticeable aspect is the "meet the new boss/same as the old boss" aspect of contributions. The affluent Far Hills corridor is the primary source of campaign contributions for both partys, followed by Beavercreek and a bit in Springboro. For all the talk of grassroots politics, big money still counts.

Readers can play with this feature by surfing into the Huffington Post Fundrace site by clicking here.

Funding Mike Turner

There isn't a mapping feature for Congressional campaings, but the FEC has improved their website, making it user freindly. A cursory look at Mike Turners' records reveal the usual suspects making big contributions to their boy. And it takes bux for all those large signs Turner is putting out.

The developer interest is pretty clear. A good example is the developer who owns this building (and is active in the south of Dayton market, benefitting from the Austin Road interchange Turner has earmarked for) :

She and her husband (?)(they share the same mailing address per the disclosure form) contributed a total of $7,750 to Mike Turner this cycle (total contributions including past elections may be more).

And they threw in a nice big sign as part of the deal.

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