Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sorry County Blues

These boys aint from Dayton, but I appreciate the sentiment, given the hard times that has come become among us, from the Lonesome River Band, one of the best topical Bluegrass tuens of the recent past:

Simon ploughed the prairie with a furrow straight and long

Where a woman can grow restless and a good thing can go wrong

She asked him again boy tell me when this dirt farm’s gonna pay

Then she drove off in his pick up truck left him standin in the rain

Empty pockets and payments overdue

Starin’ in the face of a low down case of the Sorry County blues

Daddy said son hit the road or this place’ll drag you down

But momma cried when Tyler left for the dirty factory town

They punched him in they punched him out and they stood him in their lines

He built the bigger louvers workin’ double overtime

Well they used him, till they had all they could use

Now it’s rise and shine in the handout line with the Sorry County blues

She reigned supreme the teenage queen down at the county line

Now Darlene keep the motel clean she’s a waitress on the side

But even though she seems to grow a little broker every day

Had the kids all fed and into bed when the Landlord called to say

I hate to do this to you baby but there’s no other way to chose

She’s packin’ her things you know she sings them Sorry County blues

Well they were worn hard you might say they were born to lose

Now it’s one step forward and two steps toward them Sorry County blues

Yeah it’s one step forward and two steps toward them Sorry County blues

Ooooooohhh Lord

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