Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Anti-Valentine Show...

The show was headlined by Dark Backward. Active Dayton says this band is made up of veterans of the local scene, including former members of Luxury Pushers and Dementia Precox. Also playing was Jasper the Colossal and My Latex Brain.

Jasper the Colossal

I heard the end of a set by this four-piece awhile back and was impressed by what little I heard. So I wanted to catch a full set. So I came early to this show, and wasn't disappointed.

This outfit rocks!

Longtime readers of this blog know that yer humble host was a big fan of the Professors.
Well, JtC doesn't do that kind of rock but they do have that level of oomph in their performance and delivery and just plain getting into the music (and an equally charismatic lead singer). They did mostly original music (good tunes, good feel for a certain indie rock style. You can hear the punk influence but this was more tuneful).

Near the end of the set they did a rocking cover of an old Proclaimers song 500 Miles, really punching up the song a notch or two compared to the orginal. This band knows their music...that that's in their repetoire was a good sign. Impressive. Maybe one of the best younger bands in town.

Next was My Latex Brain. This band had a more political/punk thing going..though I can hear maybe a bit of Nitzer Ebb and KMFDM industrialism here, too. A three piece with a keyboard they really connected with the audience.

Then the headliner. Dark Backward. Impressive local pros doing the more rocking version of New Wave perhaps, but more on the, say, Iggy Pop / Eno /Roxy Music side of things. Like that old Who song sang: M,m,m, my generation. So it was pretty cool to hear an updated version of that sound. Visit them at myspace.

Don Thrasher is providing excellent coverage of the local scene for the DDN/Active Dayton. Here is his report on the show, with more dark background on Dark Backward.

Where to See Them Next:

(these are derived from the bands' myspace page, current as of today)

Jasper the Colossal:

22 February (Sunday) 5 PM: Dayton Dirt Collective

26 Feburary (Thursday) 8 PM: Jimmy's Cornerstone

12 March (Thursday) 9 PM: The Pearl

My Latex Brain: (didnt see a show list)

Dark Backward:

14 March (Saturday) 9 PM: Oregon Express

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