Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy Weekend

The end of February, that strange numbered month, is a busy time. On Friday at Canal Street Tavern there is French/Algerian guitarist Pierre Bensusan. The former folk music show host on WYSO used to play him a lot.

...and all the rest are on Saturday:

And now for Something Completely Different!

Rock and Wrestling.!Two punk bands play while pro wrestlers wrestle, all on the second floor of the Aquarius gay bar (drag shows on the first floor if you want a break from the upstairs action). I guess this is the preformance version of the porn shop next the church supply store. Or something like that.

Active Dayton provides the full story here: Get Rock Music and Wrestling at One Event

Music and Art. What's not to like?

Check out a newish venue this Saturday by going to see Northwest Ordnance (love that name!) at South Park Tavern. This is one of those Buddha Den shows. And note the cover:

But wait! There's more!

C2 Open Studio is the last of the Front Street galleries and usually shows art by local younger outsider artists. This is a great little venue, a simple industrial space that usually has some interesting shows with art at reasonable prices.

So its possible to get rock, wrestling, and art as part of a whirlwind gallery/pub crawl. And finish it up with a drag show. Dayton, oh so boring.

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