Saturday, March 21, 2009

Building Colonel Glenn II: Wright Executive Park

Wright Executive Park was the second large development on Colonel Glenn. Directly to the east of the Fairborn-Wright Office Park this was a product of the 1980s boom and perhaps a beneficiary of changed Department of Defense policies requiring contractors to be be located close to the military units they contracted with. However, this development was underway years prior to the policy change, thus was quite speculative for its time. A speculation that paid off.

Developed by Miller-Valentine starting in the early 1980s, after the final approval of and start of construction on I-675, the property extended as far as Fairfield Road, directly across from the Wright State campus.

By the late 1980s the first office buildings were up, as well as some retail (Unversity Shoppes strip center and fast food places) and the large Holiday Inn, with its tower and small conference center.

By 1989 another building was added and site prep work was underway for additional hotels. Whats notable is that the site planning deliberatly connected up with Fairborn Wright, so these two seperate developments work as an integrated whole. It isn't obvious that they are seperate developments that occured during seperate decades.

During the early 1990s the hotels were added (as well as one in the leftover triangle of land east of Fairfield Road. University Shoppes II and a bank joined the retail component. The last office building was added at the rear of the development near the hotels. The 1990s also saw the expansion of the credit union and additional fast food places in the Fairborn-Wright office park.

The complex was substantially built out by 2000, with the only add being a restaurant on an outlot next to the University Shoppes.

One hotel was added to Fairborn-Wright, and another is currrently under construction.

Wright Executive Park was perhaps one of Miller Valentines greatest development sucesses, sucessfully competing with Miami Valley Research Park for tenants. Wright Executive park was 90% leased by the early 1990s, four years ahead of projections.

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