Sunday, March 29, 2009

Latest Developments on Colonel Glenn

From 2007/2008/2009, Colonel Glenn continues to evolve as a suburban business center. One example is the recycling of real estate. In this case an old gas station in the "New Germany" reach of Colonel Glenn is replaced by a Sonic drive-in. This chain has just entered the Dayton market.

The old gas station originally at the interesection of Zink, New Germany-Trebein and Colonel Glenn, north (upper) side of Colonel Glenn, just off the cul-de-sac
And the new Sonic

The rest of the new development is happening on empty parcels, as there is still open land on the highway. Example is this hotel under contstruction in th vicinity of the Fairborn-Wright Office Park, directly across from WSU....

...and this little strip center on the Meijer property, between Meijer and WSU. The first Starbucks Coffee in this area is here.

And the new Texas Roadhouse chain restaurant, at the highly visible Colonel Glenn and North Fairfield intersection across from the Nutter Center. This is interesting as it is next to the University Shoppes strip center but I think is an example of intensification of use, as it doesnt appear to have been orginally intended as a pad, but was converted to one to take advantage of the optimal visibility here.
Back to the western end of Colonel Glenn, at the county line where it turns into Airway Road, is Mission Point, a very large planned development by Miller Valentine, who is returning to the area after a hiatus. Recall M-V was responsible for the very sucessfull Wright Executive Park.

For now, one lone building. This western end of Colonel Glenn is somewhat weak when it comes to development, with things being more intense east of National Road/Grange Hall Road. So this is maybe more speculative and risky than it appears. It is, however, quite convenient to Wright-Patterson. So a possible site for defense contractors.

It's fitting that one of most recent buildings to go up here is an office, since the first spec commercial development from the 1970s was also offices. We have come full circle.

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