Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dayton Art Belt

Vandalizing buildings with dumb/bad tagging is one thing (even if it takes some daring urbex penetrations to do the work). Taking graffti to a new level is another

And that is what is being proposed by one set of older taggers. The DDN reports:

"....Though the secluded lot surrounded by warehouses was littered with broken glass, soiled mattresses and refuse, what “RAC Mount” (an artistic alias) and the graffiti crew ROT saw was a canvas.

Mount, 32, and the crew rented the lot, secured it and removed much of the rubbish. The warehouse walls around it are slowly emerging graffiti masterpieces.

It’s our private outdoor gallery,” Mount said. “Eventually, we want to bring peoplei to view it, but we’re not there yet.”....

...Mount and members of ROT (Reign of Terror) hope to one day build an art belt of legal graffiti murals around the Dayton area. With that in mind, the crew is looking for property owners willing to let them paint on exterior building walls. The crew can be contacted via email at:

The DDN also provided this photo spread of legal graffitti.

Yer humble host prefers old-school realism style murals....these are too abstract. But this is a mere matter of taste. Within the abstract, stylized, yet colorful aesthetic of graffiti art these work. One could really get into a set of outdoor graffit-art spaces around the city---the proposed art belt.. This would actually be a bit edgier and one-of-a-kind than traditional urban wall murals like the work of Judy Baca and the floodwall murals found in Ohio river towns.

So yeah, let's hope the ROT gets some support and enquiries on their project.

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