Sunday, June 21, 2009

Making Dayton City look More "Ghetto" Than it Really Is.

Todays article at the DDN revealed something interesting about the graffiti vanalism wave that is spreading across the city: It's being done by suburbanites. Suburbanites from the affluent suburbia between Dayton and Cincinnatti.

It's not like the city isn't already shabby and run-down enough, now some suburbanites feel they have to make it look even worse, in the cause of copying a trend from elsewhere. Perhaps a manifestation of the whigger phenomenon, where white suburban kids copy inner city black cultural styles and speech forms. Except in Dayton the inner city blacks apparently do not deface their city with such aggressive graffiti....since we havn't seen much of this until the recent tagging wave.

And it might be why one see's most of this stuff on the east side of Dayton city.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha, Warren County is well represented: Loveland and Springboro.

There are only two whiggers known to medical science to not be abject failures later in life (and even that is a matter of opinion): Vanilla Ice and Eminem.

Whiggers are a manifestation of downward prole drift in society, the crappification and dumbing-down of otherwise decent people. Tattoos (especially "tramp stamps" on young women) and piercings are another.

The street trash they find for the Steve Wilkos show is apparently some kind of role model for young kids.