Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cyburn Manor to Urban Park

A not-so-modest proposal to improve South Parks boundaries, remove public housing, clear out blight, and provide a big urban landscape park.


kevin said...

Actually it's spelled Cliburn. Nine families left at Cliburn will be moving to Oakwood on Shroyer PANIC. It is also waiting for HUD $ which is part 3 of 3 to finance its demise. I seriously don't know where they are moving to, I just found the comments at DDN funny and thought I'd slip it in here. Sorry.

612 Warren St. (house on the right), now owned by MVH, is coming down with the Mudd buildings, out of frame to the right, along with a lot of other buildings along Brown Street. Some private investors are trying to fund its salvation and move it in the Historic Limits of South Park on a vacant lot on Oak St. If not, I have been ask to head the trim stripping party. MVH and UD have big plans for Brown and Warren.

There's also movement to route a bikeway from Riverscape through Webster-Oregon-South Park-UD-Carillon Park. When we did the AIA bit, the plan put it through Burns/Jackson Park-Bonner-Blommel Park-Jay St-Wyoming-UD. I have a pict of it somewhere.

That's one big park, Jeff.

kevin said...

PANIC! Sneaky free blogs.

Jefferey said...

I recall a poster at the DDN message boards said the section 8 relocations will all be moving to the suburbs, but I was expecting some of those old complexes in Kettering, W C, and Centerville.

Yeah, it is a big park. I was thinking of something big enough to really make an impact on the perception of the area. It also applies the "Youngstown Model" of landbanking empty urban space were there's no housing demand and houses & industry are being abandoned. Turning the dieing areas into open space.

Anyway, it was just playing around with the idea.

Foreverglow said...

Are these actual plans or just ideas of yours?

Jefferey said...

Just me playing around. Sort of a joke in there naming the park after Martin Sheen since he grew up in that area.

There are no plans for new parks as far as I know.

kevin said...

Martin Sheen Memorial? Did he die? :P

Anyways, here's a cool link on the Hollenkamp Brewery that used to be at the corner of Hickory and Brown. No old pict of the Estevez home, yet.

For The Love Of Dayton said...

"Just you playing around" is better than anything the city has come up with. This is an example of exactly what Dayton needs to be doing.
-Michael, fortheloveofdayton.wordpress.com

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you guys had me going. Would be a great spot for a cool park, Martin Sheen Memorial or not.

The "Social Services No Man's Land" area (unfortunately not a joke) is a disaster, getting worse all the time. See the growing pile of debris around the railroad overpass at Patterson.