Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Play Hipster Bingo @ the Dayton Music Fest.

...you get one free square...Blogger with Digital Camera.

Some memorable moments.

Folksinger at Jasper Wall:

this is a venue I need to check out more. Just a good feeling in there.

The Night Owl, which seems to have become the new "Elbos"? (meaning lots of touring bands. The DMF had a guest band from Michigan here..Minor Planets):

The scary punk/glam Luxury Pushers. They are playing later in the month at Canal Street Tavern...(27 Oct)

Finishing up at aformentioned CST. Enon plays to a capacity crowd in the humid, sweltering room...


Daniel said...

Oh man, I missed it! Circumstances detained me. I really like what I've heard of Enon though. Anyone else stand out?

The Sailing put on a kicking live show.

I've never actual been inside Jasper Wall, but I know the owners, I used to go to the same church as them. They are good people.

Jefferey said...

At the pre-show it was Lab Partners. When I heard them at first a year or more ago, not impressed. This time, oh boy!

That Human Reunion sounded good but didn't really hear enough (venue was too crowded). I am going to try to catch them again. Melonballer sounded good, too, what little I heard of them.

Actually this event was like the sampler tray. I want to sit down for a "main course" of some of these bands.