Monday, June 2, 2008

City of Cheapskates

One of my contention is the reason Dayton sucks has a lot to do with the people who live here.

Shithead populace = shit town.

Case in point is the recent string of comments responding to a DDN article on how economic hard times is hurting tipping. The article quotes a bar manager at a resaurant in Springboro as saying if people can't afford to eat out and leave a tip they shouldn't be going out, they should "go to McDonalds".

Now affluent Springboro is one place where you'd expect people could afford to tip, which I guess shows that even the well-off are cheap here.

But the hoot is the firestorm of commentary on the thread. Apparently the remark really hit a nerve with some local cheapskates, as they have gone beyond the usual bitter/sacrcastic flaming to trying to get the person fired & get people to not patronize the place, leading to intereviewee apologizing and the general manager of the firm posting his email address.

You can just feel the love here. Or lots of people rationalizing their low tips.

As for tipping, I came here from California, where, unlike Dayton, it's traditional to leave large tips, probably a legacy of the Golden State's halycon /magninimous style, dating back to Gold Rush era.

I guess I really picked up on this el-cheapo Dayton mentality when going out with a co-worker and her aksing me if she should tip, did the service warrant a tip. I looked at her like she was nuts, as where I come from you always tip, unless the service was truley abysmal.

And then there was the times I order pizza in. When I round up to the tip they always look suprised and make with the effusive thank-yous like they never recived a tip before.

...and I think to myself, forget it Jake, its Dayton.

Not to be too hard on the locals, here is a fun site, showing that low tippers are everywhere:

Celebrity Tippers: The Saints and the Scum


kevin said...

Now Jeff, I fancied yourself to not generalize Dayton by the idiots who thrive on the DDN "comment on this" forums. But I could be wrong. After all, it's probably same 30 people.

Well I can speak for my wife and myself that we almost always tip 20%, no matter where we go. I have a minimum, too. If we have breakfast at Tanks and the bill comes to $12 for two people, I will pay $15, or at least a $3 tip for a sit down joint. My haircut $11 at Boricks, I pay $15. Of course service doesn't always warrant hefty tips. Come on, I have gone into places and waited 20 minutes before acknowledgment. Hard work and service should be rewarded.

The Dayton area has bigger issues than dwelling on cheapskates who don't tip, but sometimes we all need to vent on the details.

Foreverglow said...

I may have issue with your equation...

kevin said...

My equation? How so?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kevin, I was referring to Jeff's equation.