Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Echoes Dayton @ South Park Tavern

Dayton started to have poetry slams and singer/songwriter things back in the 1990s. This quasi-cabaret tradition continues today with Echoes Dayton, which started at the old Jasper Wall Cafe in the Oregon, now relocated to the South Park Tavern on Wayne Avenue.

As Meltones says over at Bhudda Den, in Dayton "Thursday is the new Friday", and this is an example as the show starts at 9 PM Thursday. But a good deal at the ridiculously low cover f $1.00.


Anonymous said...

South Park Tavern is a pizza bar no more no less, I went there recently and I had a few beers and I got a bill for $23 dollars and my friend got his tab for 78 dollars, when we queried the difference in bills and told the not so nice barman how could four beers come to 23 dollars and my friend who drank a few glasses of wine asked the same, after arguing with this guy our bills were reduced on his excuse the bar was busy and he could have made a mistake, yeah right seven people in a bar does not validate his excuse, so beware, pay as you go or take my advice and do not go to the south park tavern at all.

Anonymous said...

When you're talking about extremely high quality beers from craft breweries such as Bell's, Dogfish Head, Bear Republic, and others, $23 for four beers sounds like a very fair price-- especially when compared to other places. I suggest you ask the price first and order what's in your price range. And if you don't want to pay fair prices for top-quality beer, take your own advice and do not go to the South Park Tavern at all.

P.S. Grow a pair and don't hide behind anonymous the next time you try to malign someone else about something that's your own fault.

Anonymous said...

Yeah twenty three isn't that bad for four quality beers go drink coors light happy hour at BW3s

DaytonFan said...

I've been to South Park numerous times. The pizza may just be the best in Dayton. Beers are a bigt expensive--gut they are big and are the GOOD STUFF! You get morethan fair value for the price here. If you want to go cheap, just go on Mondays or whenever pizza is half price--or go duirng happy hour specials. In sum, GREAT PLACE for beer and pizza--if you want quality, not cheap, stuff.