Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dayton Flic

Yer humble host was doin' some websurfing on Dayton Funk, as that's how he first heard of Dayton, as a young'n highschooler in redneck Louisville suburbia.

Lo and behold lookee here...and update on the old skool funk scene:

..and don't you just love the skyline scene in the background, too?

"Back in the day, (that would be 1982 - Dayton, Ohio Y’all) Jenny Douglas, Chris Bowman, Roger “the Dodger” Parker and Jared Michael Nickerson laid tracks reel-to-reel stylee in Dean Bowman’s basement studio.
A few takes and a few mixes later, Dayton Flic & The Music Suite came to life.

Fast forward to 1999, with a bassline and a hook, Jared Michael Nickerson did a taste of tracking at the home of guitarist/engineer Chris Bowman back in the Gem City and in 2007, enlisted the fabulous Justice Dilla-X on vocals at Eric Ronick’s Thin Man Studios in Brooklyn, N.Y. to top off Takin You Back and T.Y.B. remix.

- The result, as described by Dusty Groove America - “Basement soul grooves that reach for the cosmos.”

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful find!

That does take me back to some great times for Dayton and Dayton funk. It's nice to see that coming out of the basement!