Sunday, December 28, 2008

A New View of the Downtown Skyline

With Cliburn Manor gone there's a nice new skyline view, with "Lower South Park" in the foreground. I think at least 3 of the five houses visible are vacant, and the plan is to tear out the rest of that neighborhood south to US 35.

And supposedly MVH has plans for the Cliburn site; probably to put up some deadly office or clinic building. Or maybe just more surface parking.

I still like my concept of turning this and the property north of Burns into a big urban park, since anything new here is going to be out of scale with the surrounding neighborhood (and Dayton doesn't have a big urban park).

So enjoy the view while it lasts. Incidentally, this was the site of Martin Sheen's home when he was a kid in Dayton.

Behind the camera, the Detroitification of 19th Century Dayton continues apace:

This and the demolished house next to it were, I think, two of the older houses in this part of South Park, dating before 1869 as they appear on the Titus map published that year. These houses would have had a nice view of the skyline with Cliburn Manor gone.

Oh well.


kevin said...

The burned out house, that you have pictured, is owned by the couple who live in the house on the corner just east of it. Their ultimate plan is to renovate it. It's not a success story yet, but we hope it will be one day.

As for the area Cliburn once stood, I wouldn't mind seeing it live as a park, even for a short time.

Another large building will be coming down shortly on Warren. Dick's Crank Shaft?

As for the lower South Park, I have been told there are several people on a mission along there to try and save what still stands. One of those individuals lives in that pictured lineup.

Jefferey said...

Thanks for the intel, and I'm really interested to hear more about the effort to save whats left of Lower South Park.

I can't do much more than publicize the effort via this blog, so appreciate any further information you or others may have/

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say cliburn manor was my home growing up and it wasnt always bad. personally im sad to see it gone. but if they did put a park there that would be a nice change in that area.

David hale jr. said...

I grew up there as well. Lots of great childhood memories. My family still owns a small piece of land on Warren st. Wish it were mine. I'd love to grow old there as well. A park would be beautiful. Love that place.