Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tagging East Dayton

. If you know the city well you know where these are at

In this case it looks like someone tried to paint over earlier smaller tags (circled..blue paint on the plywood)…but then the taggers decided to do the top floor

(you can click on these to enlarge for all the gory detail)

Another case of the building owner trying to keep up with the taggers. Looks like the owners cleaned some stuff off the old store window

Good luck trying to clean that limestone water table. Note the tags on the next door building at the edge of the pix. There are tags in the alley between the buildings and all along this wall

When yr going to vandalize a house via tagging, just go for broke, huh? (Nice touch with those attention flags)

Dayton Pride. The owner doesn’t see fit to clean that stone top so why not screw it up even more with tags

I decided not to take pix of the tipped-over trash cans down the street a few blocks as that would be a bit much, no?

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Unknown said...

ah, i miss my days as a youngblood in NYC