Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Last of Bank Street Revisted

Back in January I did a quick post on the decline and fall of a street on the near west side, as symbolic of the fate of that part of town (but soon other parts, too): The Last of Bank Street

Now I can do a before and after:

(Such a pretty blue sky)


David Esrati said...

Why the hell did they have to take out the trees?

kevin said...

And the fire hydrant is still standing. You know, just incase there's a fire.

Greg Hunter said...

Jeffery, You pull the Band Aid very slowly. It is so much worse than I think.

Jeffrey said...

greg, Stay tuned for more on this. It is much worse than even I though.

Kevin, thanks for the e-mails. I need to get back with you on them.

David. The trees where in the way of bulldozer?

kevin said...

Don't worry about me, Jeff. I'll throw you stuff when I hear of it and what you do with it is entirely up to you.