Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Closer Look at Manufacturing

As promised in an earlier blog post on the local tool & die industry here is an exploration of the local manufacturing economy, using the census County Business Patterns (CBP). The in-depth discussion is over at Urban Ohio, but as teaser (if stats and graphs are your thing) here are some openers.....first off, understand the NAICS...this coding system is how CBP organizes stats for manufacturing establishments, payroll, and employment. NAICS codes found for Montgomery County industry (I only looked at the county) are these:

.....which seem to show a pretty diverse manufacturing economy.

Looking at the years 1998 thru 2005 (my CBP source only goes through 2005), on can see the drop in manufacturing, and the employment size for each sector. There is an "unassigned" category to take into account data supression for smaller industrial sectors, but it does not affect the overall trend.

...note the big red category. This would be vehicle assembly and auto parts and components. It will be shrinking even more due to the Delphi cutbacks and closures. Tool & Die would be in the pink and royal blue categories..NAICS 332 & 333.

For more detail, a few line charts comparing various high-employment subsector trends, and a comparison with other non-manufacuring economic sectors, follow this link to the Urban Ohio thread.

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