Friday, September 28, 2007

Dayton Music Fest

For more information go to the Myspace page.

This is, I guess, a local version of things like Midpoint and SXSW. It's said Dayton has a good live music scene. I don't know as I don't have anything to compare it to, other than Sacramento in the mid 1980s. It seems there's more bands here, more people doing live music of various types. Lets just say that on any given Friday or Saturday night you are going to have to make some choices as to where to go and what to listen to.

This festival showcases some of the stalwarts of the local indy scene, and some artists that are new to me. I think at least two of the artists are from out-of-town: Enon (NYC) and Fairmont Girls (Cincnnati?), thought I think Enon has a local connection (hence the name?).

I went last year and it was fun, maybe too much to see. After an evening of going from place to place wound it up seeing a metal band at the Foundry (of all places). Probably the most memorable show of that evening was seeing Dave Doughman of Swearing at Motorists doing an acoustic set at Creative Sound Cafe.

This year, thought, the DCDC Fall Concert conflicts, so maybe some of the later shows after the dance concert.

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