Sunday, September 23, 2007

Peace Festival on Courthouse Square

This past Friday, 4 PM to 9 PM, the Dayton Peace Museum sponsored the "Peace One Day Street Festival" in conjunction with the UN world peace day:
The festival had various tables with activist groups, and some churches like the Quakers and Unitarians were there. Live entertainment of various types, including Dayton's Sleepybird and singer songwriter Donal Hinley up from Nashville.

A brief pix tour

I am always suprised to see events like this in Dayton...that anyone even shows up... especially things with a pacifist subtext like the Peace Museum, as this area is fairly conservative when it is not apathetic. Also the local economy is somewhat intertwined with war due to the economic impact of Wright-Patterson AFB and the defense contractor community. So one would not expect much support.

The peace musuem itself is in an old victorian house on Monument Street.

You can take a quick virtual tour of the grand opening by following this link

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