Sunday, September 30, 2007

South Park Jazz

South Park had a nice little jazz fest over on Park Drive this Saturday. The festival was actually fairly well atteneded for a first-time effort, with the bands playing in the gazebo and the audience sitting in the parkway that runs down the middle of Park Drive.
There was also an after-show at the South Park Tavern (the old Pizza Factory, and before that I think Cafe Potage)

The event was intended as a promo for the upcoming Rehabarama, starting next weekend and running for a week. The neighborhood group had a table/tent set up with proposals for the neighborhoood, plus tickets for Rehabarama (I got one, so stay tuned for a Rehabarma blog post in the next few weeks)
(camera shy volunteer lady at the table?)

The venue was great. Sitting on the parkway, surrounded by grand restored houses....

....and listening to jazz:

The MC was Ron Gable, who, along with his wife, maitains the Jazz Advocate website, which looks to be a great introduction to the local jazz scene, and for what's up in Cincinnati with this music. I am not a jazz fan and, frankly, don't know much about it, but I do notice that there are a number of venues in town that play it.

This is somewhat impressive as jazz is not that popular. Yet another example of how Dayton is a good place for listening to a variety of live music.

The Dayton Daily News had a little article on the fest at their website, plus more pix.

Hopefully the South Park folks will have this again next year. Dayton has a dearth of neighborhood festivals, so it's good to see this one start up.


Foreverglow said...

Thanks for getting there, Jeff. I wanted to make it but wasn't able. It couldn't have been a better day for it either. That's cool they're using the park area there on Park St. It seems like a shame not to utilize such a perfect little area more often. Looks like it was a good time.

Jefferey said...

The weather has been great all weekend. I wasn't at the fest long, just walking through. If they are going to have this next year I am going to bring a lawn chair and stay longer.

That park area would be a great venue for additional festivals if the South Park folks want to go that route (an art fair might be interesting).

I think it takes quite a bit of time and effort to put these on, though.

kevin said...

Art fair has happened in the past, but as you point out, they are not as straight forward as one may think. The Jazz Fest worked because there was a timeline and specific participants. You can imagine how difficult really anything like this can be, though (music or otherwise), and it all requires money to plug it.

Estimates say around 1,300 unique individuals joined us on the boulevard over the course of 9 hours and a lot of Rehabarama tickets were pickedup. I hope we get the funds to do it again and again. It was great.