Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I (Still) Hate Pink

Dayton's visual arts used to be pretty invisible, but more and more happening, more venues, more shows. Things are stirring. And this is an example:

I Still Hate Pink is on Saturday at a space at Front Street, not the Goloka Gallery, but one upstairs in one of the buildings closer to 2nd.

An all-women art show featuring Dayton women artists.

I Still Hate Pink…A guy at that Pacchia coffeshop saw me reading this flyer, said he knew of the show, think he said he knew the people running the gallery.

Said there was an earlier show “I Hate Pink”, thus “I Still Hate Pink” for this one.

I recognize two artists on this list. Amy Kollar Anderson and Kidee Hello. So I'm curious about the others' work.

More on the gallery at the C2 Open Studio Myspace Page

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Unknown said...

Sorry, this is not about the art show, though that looks very cool. I wanted to ask you if you've looked into the action going on Warren (Brown?) street just north of MVH. Looks like someone is getting ready to move a very old brick cottage.... Thought you would find it interesting & worth a look-see.