Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Last of Bank Street

Drastic changes in West Dayton since WWII. The old Five Points and "Browntown" (northern) part of Edgemont are unrecognizable today. Here is where you find the best ghost streets.

Two blocks of Bank Street. The area highlighted in yellow on this map from the late 1940s (and you have to wonder about that big commercial block right at Bank & Third...a lost bridgehead building?), plus a graph of the population to 2005 for the two blocks.

The white house near Bank & 4th = The Last of Bank Street.
You can groove on the post WWII urban fabric in map vs the empty acres of today. Brick Victorian at Bank & Elgin was occupied about a year or two ago.

"H2O Off graffiti" --->demolition pending?

Decommissioning West Dayton: The Last of Bank Street


Foreverglow said...

That house has a really nice presence. I wonder what that street would look like today if it was still inhabited. Those old trees really give it a good feel.

Jefferey said...

You can visualize the street a bit by looking at the old map.

It would have looked like South Park or parts of Twin Towers, given whats left. The house has a great bay window in front, and it's brick, which is also worth noting as Dayton isn't really a "brick" city the way Cincy is.

I should note that this street, and some to the west, were not the oldest in West Dayton. The first plats were removed somewhat from the river.