Monday, January 21, 2008

Mike Turner, meet Jett Rink

Yer humble host promises this is the last Mike Turner post. One can take only so much of this tedium. But this one is funny.

For this one, it helps to have lived out West, and have a passing familiarity with Western politics.

I ran across this odd set of contributors. The Independent Petroleum Producers "Wildcatter" PAC gave $2,000 to Turner.

And what looks like a family of Wyoming oil men gave some money too (not much).

Yeah money from Wyoming and oil wildcatters, to Mike Turner. Lots of oil in this area huh? Something underground in Highland County we don't know about?

But look at Turners voting record from the IPAA website on their issues. Not bad!

And note the scorecard from the "American Land Rights Association". The issue is totally off the radar in OH 3, but this is one of those "Sagebrush Rebellion/Wise Use" groups. Made up of ranchers, mining companies, and oil men, they are fighting the Feds, particularly the BLM, for better deal to exploit natural resources on public lands (and against environmental restrictions).

Also not too bad (though not as good as IPAAs scores).

I'll let ole Jett Rink say it....

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