Sunday, January 13, 2008

That Darned Mosque....bumbling bureaucrats or Islamophobic NIMBYs?

More on that Sugarcreeek Mosque thing. The Dayton Daily News reports:

Islamic Officials Not Giving Up on Mosque.

The story makes it sound like Sugarcreek officials were giving thes Islamic Association the run-around. Incompetence or a hidden agenda?

I particularly liked this passage:

BZA chairwoman Erin Moore had no comment Thursday when asked why the board did not deliberate its decision in front of the public. The board's lawyer, Scott Phillips, said the board would deliberate in executive session because of "imminent threat of litigation" or the possibility of someone suing them.

Sugarcreek Twp. Administrator Barry Tiffany called the meeting "truly America at its best, and the democratic process. Everybody had the opportunity to speak and say what they thought.

Stonewalling by public board chairs and closed-door meetings are "America at its best?"

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