Saturday, December 6, 2008

Good News in Dayton

I really like their logo:

Good News In Dayton is a website, but also a drive-time radio presence on WHIO 1290 AM/95.7 PM 6-9 AM and 3-6 PM.

This site was recently mentioned at For the Love of Dayton and Its' Great in Dayton, the two more positive Dayton blogs, so perhaps a shout-out here at Daytonolgy is, by this time, a bit redundant.

However one must say that the it's good to see that it's not just me tired of the relentless "Dayton Sux" drumbeat. And the negative is easy to get sucked into, as can be seen by these Indigo Girls song lyrics from 20 years ago:

LinkWell darkness has a hunger thats insatiable/
And lightness has a call thats hard to hear

To some degree an unstated intention of this blog is to tap into "lightness " by approaching Dayton via an appreciation of the urban history and geography of the city and suburbs beyond what is commonly known, to make the city and suburbs more interesting than they may at first appear, unfolding a certain rich layering over space and time, recovering urban memory, re-valuing the de-valued.

To even consider Dayton and vicinity as a subject worthy of such inquiry is in itself to go against the grain of negativty, the "hunger thats insatiable".


The Urbanophile said...

Is there, in fact, good news in Dayton? It seems like a city that has a pretty bleak future to me. It's best hope would seem to be that it gets swallowed up by Cincinnati somehow.

Anonymous said...

Went on a drive yesterday with two former Daytonians--one person now in suburban Columbus, one person now in Betweendaytonandcincinnati...drove by CareSource, new RealArt, Kroc Center, I-75 rebuild, new E.J. Brown school, the Litehouse model home, new construction at Kuhns/McCrory, Wright Stop Plaza coming out of the ground, new Oregon parking lot, and the former Cliburn site among others. They were surprised to see all of this action, as if nothing worthwhile has happened since they left.

Anonymous said...

Your link to the fun new website is broken because it has two "http://"'s in it. It should be simply:


Anonymous said...

Well I messed up my link too by omitting the colon. But you can edit your post.

Jefferey said...

Thanks, David, link fixed.

The issue is not so much good or bad news but a contrast to the prevailing bad karma.

In reality the news is that mass unionized manufacturing is going away. I think we all know that and see that economic era is over for Dayton.

But this is neither Youngstown nor Flint as the economy here is more diversified than that. Given some modicum of entrepeneurial activity there are going to be a few sucess stories.

I think that's what that site could well focus on.