Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Villages of North Clayton- bankrupt!

Dayton's only true New Urbanist subdivision, Villages of North Clayton, is being taken to bankruptcy court"

$6 Million Owed, Bank Wants to Foreclose

This sounds a lot like Newfields. The parallels are so close: Innovative (for its time) multi-use developement proposed for the north/northwest suburbs but goes belly-up due to a bad economy and maybe a bad location (slow-growth side of town).

I guess the question would be if this would have been in Greene or Warren County would it have faired better? There is Stonehill Village out beyond Beavercreek, that is trying to do some more innovative site planning, but as of now it's not really as New Urbanist as the Villages of North Clayton.

I guess add this the list of innovative Dayton-area projects that went nowhere.

(tip of the hat to commentor "Joe" who provided the DDN article info)


Joe said...


I'm not a big fan of new suburbandevelopment, but this one seemed to get it right. Especially by bringing back older houseforms. I read some interesting comments on the DDN about the development partners.

Jefferey said...

Yeah, the DDN comments seemed to be more about a former mayor of Clayton than the developers themselves.

Bruce Kettelle said...

It seems everyone has 20/20 hindsight!