Monday, August 13, 2007

Dayton Daily News gets it right re Kettering's isolationsim

I really don't mean to pick on Kettering. I really like that suburb. I really do. It is just such a nice suburb. And, can a place that produced Bob Pollard and Ted Rall be that bad?

But darn it they can be so parochial.

The DDN has a great op--ed condemning the place for rejecting that dispatch center, and calls for the county to press on with the concept without Kettering.

"Kettering critics of consolidation have gotten enough signatures to put the issue of whether to participate in the talks on the ballot in November. Some people think that voters probably would endorse keeping things the way they are, and that city council members don't want to be seen as being on the wrong side of the public."

"OK. But if voters are only hearing from those who want to keep their jobs or who think this is still the 20th century when it comes to public safety technology, that doesn't bode well for the future. Even Mr. Schwieterman admits that by going it alone, Kettering citizens will pay more — about $3 million over 10 years."

"The Montgomery County communities that are dedicated to finding ways to save taxpayer money and that can see the benefits of a bigger, more modern system need to go forward even without Kettering — and the other cities that, unlike Kettering, never sat for even a minute to discuss consolidated dispatch."

"One day the price will become too much for all of them to pretend they're islands."

Amen to that! And I will be exploring that soon, how Kettering is not an island.


Bruce Kettelle said...

This is not just a Kettering isuue, there are several ther jurisdictions in our county and many more outside our county that have not (or will not when the opportunity arises) abandon their right to "Home Rule."

Until we have leaders that can clearly communicate the needs for regional cooperation not all communities will be able to let go of the old ways and embrace (and modify) means for substantive cooperation beyond their borders.

BT said...

The real problem with consolidated dispatch is no one trusts the sheriff. Vore has never done anything to win the respect of anyone in public safety in the region. Everyone in public safety understand the value of consolidated dispatch, but no one is going to risk giving up control.

The model that was proposed was "I am the sheriff, give me your money and I will take care of everything" Reversing dispatch consolidation is harder than consolidating to begin with. People making the decision must feel comfortable that they have a method of recourse when things don't go well. The proposed plan wasn't there.

To make this happen you need to look at a council of goverments to manage and facilitate it.