Thursday, August 16, 2007

Freinds to Save the Arcade

The FSA group has a nice revised website out, done by one of the volunteers...its also linked on my blogroll to the left.

Readers should surf on over there and print out the pledge forms and make a pledge to the back taxes fundraising drive. Just send in the pledge, no money yet. Also, there are some additional fund raising things they are doing, like selling bookmarks and buttons and raffle tickets for a new car.

Note that the next community meeting is next week, Thursday 23 August. There will be three times: Noon, 5 PM, and 7 PM

The website has links to two really good pix collections of the vacant buildings (surfing into those are worth the time); the vast majority are interior shots. Interestingly, both collections use a female model (different models, I think) in various poses:

Come to the meetings and volunteer, or contact one of the contacts listed on the website.

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