Friday, August 3, 2007

The Rev Cool

The Rev Cool.

Not that he needs an plugs or promotion as he does that pretty good by himself. Just a tribute to a local character that makes Dayton "Daytonesque", and the first of occasional posts on the local live music scene.

This guy (and he apparently is a reverend of some sort, as well as a school teacher) has run that Round the Fringe radio show on WYSO 91.3 since the early 1980s, and he plays a mix of dance music, "world beat", and alt rock, usually with an emphasis on local bands. And, for me, that earns him his "Cool" title considering it's pretty rare for local talent to get airplay.

I started listening to him early on in my time in Dayton, and even bought one of his compilation LPs (yes, vinyl) Hard to be Cool in an Uncool World.

He used to be just a disembodied DJ voice on the radio until I
started seeing him MC at the Cityfolk Festival jazz tent. Now he has a Myspace page in that Myspace Music section (which is the extent of my exposure to "socail networking").

In the 19 years of living in Dayton he has provided the soundtrack to many a Friday nights for me, and he's spinning those discs right now.

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